Wednesday, 7 December 2011


"Baby Baby Baby jangan kau marah sebab ku tolak,
 Ku tahu kamu cantik,
 Ku percaya kau baik,
 Ku yakin pasti ramai lelaki yang tertarik."
Well it doesnt relate to my entry today^^ I just remembered the song mimed by

Kids and more specifically babies will cheer up our day and why im saying this, its because my days in december made me realise that she can bring me happiness. I dont care if I need to watch her 24/7 or feed her or play with her but im stil learning how to clean her..(: but it doesnt matter as long as im happy. Happy than before. First thing after i awake is to see my baby. Her name is Aisyah. She is sooo cute and even more fair and healthy.Its been awhile im dun have the feeling to wake up in the morning fr someone. This person has  filled up the empty space in me which now im more excited to wait fr tomorrow rather than sleeping.Baby's smile can vanished all our problems even fr a second but enuf to make us smile. With their cute attitude and giggles when we tickled them. Just the way they are. Im not ready yet fr marriage and having kids but now I know im capable to handle them. So boys out there..this girl is on her way to brush up her housewife-skills ^^. (perfecr ryte?) I started miss her when she's sleeping. Insane huh? how this girl give impact on me. I just wish I can be a better mom when I grow up. Better person in my life. I want make people smile when they look at me and making me smile back. I want people appriciate me as im appreciating them. I dunt want much just a person to love and love me back.

p/s: pictures of my baby girl..

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