Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The moments before I end my life here in KMKN

enjoy the picture.
p/s: with some captions=)

the grand theme dinnerparty

A3 Canberra

spontaneous is cute

on this nyte we were having so much fun starting with the balloons and then grand costume from everyone. seems like everybody gave their commitment.ok let me introduce u the characters..
  • Genji (Obem)
  • Princess (Elena)
  • Musician (Minah)
  • Minnie Mouse (Yuchi)
  • Datin (Temah)
  • Farmer (Bazi)
  • Reporter (Dida cool)
  • Phantom (Nisa)
  • Dark Clown (Yasmin)
  • Pocong/Imam (Zuhair)
  • Bill William (Sheze)
  • Robin Hood (Rashid)
  • L (Fikri)
  • Barney Stinson (Rez)
  • Orang minyak (Somad)
  • Hitler (Luqman)
  • Prof. Dumbledore (Sheme)
  • Hitman (Acap)
  • Bruno Mars (Adib)

The Last Football Match

sheze yasmin


farah yasmin bazilah


lisa wani ainaa yana aisyah


A1 and A3
on tis time, everyone put their effort to win tis game but only for fun :)

Last but not least THE GRADUATION DAY!!!Yeay!

nadrah atiqah didiy

HP :)


me graduate huhu

saya dengan awak

eating moment

syikin yasmin

roomates mmuah~

Miss Shita Mdame Intan

u know what tis picture all about

the guys


penat dan pelangi

the situation on graduation day was fun enuf for me and it was too memorable. I love u sayangss~

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