Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Friend

Moshi2 ^^
While in this world people looking for a friend,for them it aint easy for a person to live without a friend i guess.but i believe it aint that hard pal~seriously.. Haha it isnt because im a loner but it beause sometime u just dont need a friend. Ok this is what i believe since i was small till tis one incident happen to me where it change my mind again.i know having a relationship with someone boyfriend would be hard and yes impossible but hey u arent own him ok?sorry it isnt an angry tone i used there it is just to make thing clearer. In the past i always believe the closest one to me is only my lover but now i realise i dont need a man to feel happy. I just need a friend and it doesnt matter the gender as long as u urself completely comfortable with him/her. A friend who always talking bout life, amazed u by their intelligence, feel safe whenever u around him/her, safe enuf to share secret even the dirty lil secret.hahaha someone that make u not annoy with urself.someone who tell the truth wen u need to hear it, someone who judge u by what he/she feel and not by what other people told them, someone who entirely make u touched of what he/she said bout our relationship.

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