Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Leap Of Love

^^ first thing first that i just read a book about magic in love telationship.How a man and lady met up in some weird but unique way.this gurl,Li-Ann, has same heart with me that is waiting for my perfect guy, dream man or what ever so called boy. Everytime her friends asked her bout dating and etc she would say the time will come, her heart would tell so.She totally believe in Fate ehich she said FAte will meet her up with her dream guy.and one day it is happening, when in all of sudden she stopped and saw a guy sitting at a cafe into much of the book he was reading.she astonished by his look and she make a move by gave him a note. It was cool enough for her to asked for a first meeting that night.and her love journey continue until ... The book tittle is A Leap Of Love.worth reading i supposed^^ all girls out there who have the same intention like me to wait for our dream guy, i suggest u read this book and digest the creative thinking and the logical of having this limitless waiting.thats all ^^

-in the morning of third STD hahaha
Procastinate is enjoyable sometimes

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