Thursday, 10 November 2011


The truth is im little not over u yet.haha

Ok2.stop bout me.y is it "everytime" ryte?
Man can not satisfied with what they had until its gone. Why is that so?why man cant appreciate what they have and shows it?why u need to break anothe one heart? Karma is not a myth i believe. Once u do it to a man,same thing would happen on u but plus with more pain and hurt.babe be realistic that u can have all what u want but u can only make something to be what u want.ive learn from a book that try to see something with ur magic eyes and u will see everything in a better way. U can create a better atmosphere fr satisfy urself.please guys, dont make a decision that u can regret later.its suck i can tell u that. Always think a step ahead on what will happen if u lost someone that actually the colour of ur life or the complement of urself.u wont feel the same later.yes,at the beginning u can move on like usual but when the time, the moment that unwanted most u would recall back all the sweet things ever happen in ur life before. Then thats the moment u start to regret almost everything.never cruel to urself, give space fr urself to have all the thing u want but in a best way.not by bad memories. The point is, be what u wanna be but in the same time appreciate everything all around u and in everytime.

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