Saturday, 5 November 2011


bole dikatakan semuenye jadi best if we know how to enjoy it ^^ lets me start with what should happen today DOESNT. Supposedly im going out but im not. I dont know what the reason is but i surely cross this guy.and fullstop has been put ryte after his name in my life journal. Second, this is my holiday and i wanna go home but because of the test and exam and etc etc i decided to stay here for another weeks before i go home FOREVER!HAH!and today ALSO i was playing hard from evening till now of Agatha Christie's games.I played Death on Nile, and lots more. I was thinking laterally thinking why i end up being here and not revising instead playing online games. Maybe because i really miss my hometown and i guess atmosphere with less people is less effecient to study. I want competition so that i will work harder.hurm..i wont think i wont study for the entire night so i guess (again) i will wake up early and study at the beginning of the day and no more game on that time. There is no use fr me to ask forgiveness frm u but Danny i guess if i said we stop frm contacting each other, u would be less pressure. I dont have heart to anyboy anymore. I just want my family. Kim please stop haunting me and u also Fifi. Go away from my life, I dont wanna see ur silhouette around me and scare me to death in every darkness I need to face. Along, eventhough Im not a good sister but i know u appreciate me. Ill behave and always try to be better. Eizzat and adik, I'll always love both of u more than my frens. even so im not a nice sis one, but yet the two of u always make me smile. and not to forget the most beloved two persons in my life, ibu and ayah sorry fr every regret u had on me all along. yes I am BAD before but now i try to minimise my bad behaviour. Speaking indirectly to all of u guys making me cry ever since i knew what love in family is. From the day on ive always wanted us to have as much time together even just in our little house, with little foods but full of love.
Cinta hati ini tidak akan lagi aku persiakn kepada mereka yang tidak akan kekal, mereka yang bukan sedarah.
Cinta hati ini hanyalah tinggal secebis lagi untuk aku simpan dan semai agar ia tumbuh lagi dengan cinta2 dari hati keluarga, teman sejiwa.
Cinta hati ini hanya dapat dibaca oleh kamu berlima yang tiak pernah aku lupakan walau seketika dan hanya apabila aku bertemu Kekasih ku yang Mulia.
Cinta hati ini aku ku pagar dengan senyum tawa nangis manja jiwa kamu berlima sehinggalah kamu semua bahagia hingga akhirnya.
Biarlah tiada lagi cinta hati ini yang dipupuk dan dibelai oleh hati si penglipur lara yang hanya bercanda dengan makna sia sia.
Sesungguhnya cinta hati ini sudah berubah arah untuk menjadi lebih setia dengan kamu berlima.

Whenever I go from tis moment, my intention is only fr THE ONE and fr the five of u. If i desperate fr love from a guy, i know i'll get it from ayah,along and eizzat, If i desperate fr love from a lady, i know ibu and adik will be there fr me. If people asked me am i not sekk fr the love of one true love, i'll say let him be the one who find me in the dark and light of his life. It is enough fr me to feel and taste part  of the bitterness in love life and i completely over it. Hence, fr u,Mr R and lyn i knew u guys, god gave u a great patience to be my fren and thank you fr being here by my side when all the jerks and the freaks, freak me out in  my days-to-days life.

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