Monday, 7 November 2011

Bad Morning

Well heyhihello this heavenly morning my day just been ruin by a news saying that, that girl deleted me??what D*** YOu lah perempuan.bak kate u uve got an uncertain boy to take care of u so go for it kan..ive got my third man n yes my BF.kau nak sangt orang campak kau kan kau suke sume simpati ngan kau.go and never again see me or accidently be around me.yes iam angry ryte sorry readers,tis post is certainly a bad post ever fr my belogg.i hope i can forget about u like u did it to our friendship.yassin, yassin, yassin thank u fr being there fr help me deleted tis gurl from my mind.Then can i say, HEY HEY YOU YOU I DONT EVEN NEED YOU.

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