Thursday, 20 October 2011


p/s : Let ur self fly with the pictures~

Frankly speaking this guy right here has take our breath away. Eventho suare die shrieking (haha) but his action in tis muvee is deniable best. After watched tis muvee, my mind set change from korean guy to hurmmm.... thai guy will work for me in the future(:  Trimas to my rumate syikin yang introduce to me bout tis muvee and aisyah who willingly to edit some of Mario/P'Shone pictures. Heeee~ kalau ikutkan hati nak je pegi cari kat thailand tuh..dah dekat dah ni ngan sempadan but like I had mentioned before we can just plan but can not predict what happen in the future. Well speaking of thailand people, I wonder how they managed to maintain their perfect appearance dengan weather yang panas hott tak terkire tuh. As far as im concerned that kalau panas muke senang berminyak..haiiii why the malaysians didnt know how to take care of their faces..=) but no biggie btw still some of them have that pretty/nice look.prince kim. plusplus ever since i watched tis muvee i now pronounce here im officially had my own P'Shone. ^^ but literally he is englishman with yellow skin (asian), cute hairstyle, hurm~~arghhh.forget bout him. I love to see syikin talking bout his P'Shone and aisyah been teasing by us by her FAKE P'Shone. love to see someone smile and laugh when he/she talking to me. it is like i have made his/her day brighter eventho it isnt =,=!freak! out of topic already. in conclusion tis weekend is gonna be my perfect weekend of P'Shone with my girls.

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