Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mr Perfect

start with P and end with an E. Even though u are not real and yet impossible to be mine but a girl can dream about her prince ryte?? Ever since we were young, we had been thinking about the future and always hoping and pray fr it to be come true. And by the time we are grown up, yeah, teens life.
having so much . fun..too much till anything seems happy, colorful and yet still some of them come in a dark color. ok lah.. back to this topic. 
Mr Perfect. Kalau ikutkan hati memang lah semua lelaki is going to be our Mr Perfect kan ladies? But somehow actually boys or should I say man ryte now cant be anymore our Mr Perfect. Guys sekrang ni more towards 
" girls should make a move first" or " takkan lah asyik2 boys need to show some chivalry towards girls (ahaha btw chivalry is actually memang specified to ladies) je kan. Kitorang pun nak rase bunga2 gak". But guys, guys, guys dont u ever remember that our heart is way much sensitive than urs? YES u have that sensitive parts too but ur ego is much way high up than sensitive, kan? jadi even we, girls or ladies show some sweetness or be romantic, do u think u'll respond sweetly back to us? NO!! I would say that. there is only one in a million, guy who really appreciate girl or should I called them as a man?
People now have been too materialistic until all the good values about love and careness it isnt important anymore for some of us. Im not say this for nothing but based on survey and of course my experiences. observing and analyzing are the ways to get more accurate or precise result rather than wait, read and without doing some research. well u got nothing for sure. Whilst, for every moment of ur life, always think for the best fr each other. do show some tenderness in every strict decision u'll made and again Mr Perfect, I hope u'll return again to this cruel world where everyone is lacking with love and need u. 
thanks ^^

p/s: u are not alone.

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