Thursday, 20 October 2011

Contest TheGarang : Saya Seorang Superhero

This is my first tyme join contest2 wish me luck READERS~
and TADAAAAA this is my hero!

haha.frankly speaking i am not a stalker but this is my brother. Yes!it is kinda weird but different people got different taste.that is my point of view.^^

about HIM: he is totally dude and great brother to me. eventho sumtimes we had some quarrel but yet we stil managed to get back together...bak kate pepatah melayu "air yang dicincang takkan putus". he born on 8th July 1989 at Hospital Kajang. My mom said she was overdue but stil my brother wont get out from her womb.haha He was really fair and born with quite a little hair and everyone like "eh eh,, anak cine ke kak??" Lucky him , he was born with fair skin, cute chubby lii baby. hurm~the perfect baby ever for me.And of course i do love him with all my heart.

WHY I choose to be like him .I guess(: 
  1. well, as a guy i didnt need to much money to spend on cosmetics(haha.tis is minor reason.)
  2. I can proudly and confidently protect my beloved one eg;parents, siblings.
  3. I can do and say whatever i want to but still be respect by others.(one of his attitude)
  4. Make someone's life meaningful as he always make his friends' life meaningful.
  5. Be handsome! but yet for me pretty for sure^^
  6. the MAJOR reason for me to be like him is I want every second of my life is dedicating to my family just like him.I admire his patient dalam melayan my freak family behavior and bersabar dan bersabar lagi. He thought me to be as tough as I can in my life and move on no matter what.^^ thanks along for brighten up my days~

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