Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Meet again.^^
Smile can bring lots of meaning like when u cry u'll still smile. People get used to this till at one point where sometimes smile seems like nothing. A happy person who delighted with his/her wonderful life would always considering a smile is a symbol of happiness. But a wonderful life is just a fairy tale where Triumph and Disaster days are going to take part. Smile can be mean by u love it, or cynical smile which come in different meaning depends on person intention. We cant read mind so we didnt know what people would think till a smile is appearing. HAHAHA . Maybe he/she are tried to remember their old-school-moments, but somehow, we, as the observer would misinterpret the sign of each smile. We would put a statement of the smile based on the situation. If there is a happy atmosphere than everyone will appreciates everyone's smile and vice versa.(if it is a presence of bad atmosphere).
 Malays mentality are so typical-narrowed mind which are;

  1. When an enemy smile towards each other, it consider as a cynical smile. 
  2. If an aunt smile towards ur daughter/son, she interested in them. 
  3. If a guy smile towards a girl, thats mean he like u.
  4. If ur siblings smile on u then u'll say they need ur favour or something in return.
Why cant we just think of a sincere smile. To please us. To show that our presence are very welcome. Be a positive-thinkers where u'll find a happiness in ur life. Even u r alone but the positiveness in u will bring out the good luck. Smile wont mean anything accept a smile.


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