Sunday, 11 September 2011


Meet again.

"Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment"(wiki) 
 Get to know, to feel, to hear what love is all about is aint easy like always. One an inspiring phrase of love : A man should laugh to forbid the passionate love towards others. Somehow this phrase cant be accepted as not everyone get the chance to love a soul. Neither him/herself. Love has been said as a subjective, global, has different meaning but yet it towards one word : PASSION. Since we were young, our mums and dads said love each other, no fight, bring a smile on other faces, but still we had a fight. Sibling is the closest eg where every seconds someone will pick up a fight. Or love from a boy towards a girl. This is where many of us intend or wanna be the most successful lover but like always a FAILURE. Love boy-girl is complicated one. We need to take care of their feeling, pay full attention, show our commitment when at peak point we just get bored and move on or worse get dump. Frankly, there is no true love in this world except the long-lasting one which both know how to confront each other in triumph and disaster days. Their compassion is strong enough to tangle their missarable life and eternal love so that a happy family can be stand up in the future. (I guess so). Lastly, love can be found in every corner of  our life just it depends on us to see it or not. A heart can see much better than eyes in crowded place.

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