Friday, 9 September 2011


 Its kinda cliche if  I start this with "People need something to believe in their life to rely on"
(not related at all)

Believes in our self to make dream comes true. But never put too much hope on it or it will fade away like always. Walk the talk people. People who arent busy born, busy dying. At least  that what was Bob Dylan sang to million of us. Face the reality though. If u are capable on something so make use of it okaayy? Never ever keep inside ur specialty as it' ll help u all the time. Believes that u are pretty enough for urself and not for others to comment on.Why I said so??


  1. U'll never look down on urself.
  2. U'll always sure and confident bout urself.
  3. U'll never find that everyone is too way better than u.
  4. U'll  ur heart speak clearly than anyone else.
and etc.

Be a FREAKKO and WEIRDO just to have some private space and thoughts bout urself. And then ur heart will speak louder than anyone else. Positive thinking is always never let u down. Not even once. It is hard to follow yes but changes makes life colorful than ever. Learn to take a good care of ur heart as no one would  do that to you. No one can take care of it as much as u can do. Keep believing.       

   Thanks ^^


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