Monday, 4 July 2011

Something To Believe

Generate ideas from others is like copycat or camouflage their stuff which is not good. But it always makes me think whether I can be a better person in my future. Would I be a NEW one?or just like this till my last breath. Everything that i saw, heard, feel in my life customize my thoughts bout the world, a whole new world that I would see it later or right now, right here, in this moment. Try to find yourself it is hard, to be what people want you to be, to make others happy in every way you act, to make people feel what actually you feel, in your heart, to be heard in a crowded place, to be notice, to be seen. I'm not a genius in expressing myself in words but still i want people know what inside of me that different from them. Hope for a hand to help it aint easy like ABC but it aint hard like relationship you and me. BUT,,,, (nothing much =,= )  meeting people its my favorite and analyse them it is one of my hobby. Unlike separated which is the most I hate in my entire life. Being left behind, Being left by your parents, Being left by your friends, Being left by your partner..up till now i still cant organized myself after being left. Funny huhh?haha when you still at the bottom while them making to the top. Frankly, I just need someone who can give me something to believe in my life (after i had been left for so many time till i didnt have anything to believe in anymore).


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