Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Only You

There is nothing much I can say here.. Missed you so much till I am in deep depression tonight. Looking at our pictures together, frankly speaking I am feeling nothing same like you I think but I just missed all the moments. Watching you walked out from my life and thinking it over and over again I dont know how the phrase can slip out from your rosy lips. To leave me cause theres aint no love for me anymore. You are one of the kind. The one I cant hard to forget. The one that might will always remain in my memory. Is there any possibility for me to be yours again? I dont want any promises from you, I just want an endless moments with only you. How can I live with all your brilliant words? thousands of words haunt me every night before I sleep. I am not as tough as you who could just forget your love, yet I am not cry cause of you. But your act made the hardest part of my heart to bleed. You didnt know how much I was in pain didnt you? You were hurt but I bet it was just only for a second. Pretend to be strong didnt help much. I want my smile that you carried away when you left me that night. bla, bla, bla..You hate when I was nagging. nahh Too Hurt To Think About.

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