Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mementos Of Us

People find us sometimes difficult to read, hard to understand, complicated to communicate but when u found someone's heart beating like yours it aint hard anymore. Every pieces of our life, we want to share it with someone that we trust, we care, we love. No matter how far u have been separated, how long u wouldnt see each other. It isnt the point. The person wouldnt leave us, wouldnt betray us but YES for some reasons we will face some hardship with them. Fighting and so on. This one person is One In A Million not like Grenade the song sang by Bruno Mars..
"easy come , easy goes"
 Totally not like that. And maybe Two Is Better Than One. You might not meet the PERSON now but maybe later in your future. When the hearts speak, just follow it cause it wont harm u unless u make it. Always dare enuf to take risk in your life. The ore risky ur life, the more adventurous it will be onward. Be happy now if u have meet someone and take a good care of him/her and show our appreciation.ttyl everyone and thank you^^

p/s:most valuable pictures of me and her.
Lets the images talk (=
Dont lean against the glass


SEPHORA building

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