Sunday, 3 July 2011

Better Late Than Never

If i notice bout tis vid before, everything can be different ryte now i guess.. Never cross my mind that A RELATIONSHIP can be as complex as like that..with all the stages and how the stages become worse days by days, weeks by weeks, months by months and etc.. Life IS complicated,NO DOUBT bout that. so bende ni buat aku terpikir
: mungkinkah aku akan jadi menjadi SELAMAnye taken SINGLE selagi aku ta blaja skill fixing up relationship? atau
: mungkinkah bende ni sume boleh dikawal??
hurmm...entahla =,=! kadangkadang layan konflik melayu, romantik+sweet korea, unik tamil, klaka matluthfi (huhh...pape jelah) lagi senang dari fikir pasal relationship with human being. da tuh hang nak kawen ngan katak ka yasmin..haish..mungkin kalau itu yang terbaik BUKAN?haha rubbish
 ok ok berbalik kepada cerita kita.
tis vid made my brain work extra efficient tis nyte as i recalled almost everything that happened in my relationship before,, gadoh mulut, sulking season ( my favourite part ^^), n macammacam lagi lah..
Kalau nak difikirkan, everyone has the same problem.
at college, i was thought bout efficient communication skill. Ade 6 to 7 steps if im not mistaken

padahal 5 je (^^)
from this learning, now i b more aware on others thoughts bout me everything actually.. try to tackle their mind (psycho) so that what i want to deliver is reach by them PERFECTLY =) kan kan rakanrakan?hehe



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